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Osh. Net Media Kit
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What is Osh.Net?

The purpose of Osh.Net is to provide health and safety professionals an Internet gateway of informational resources—from industry web links, health/safety news, reports and studies to the latest governmental regulations and trends affecting the industry. Osh.Net is owned and operated by WorkCare, a national occupational health consulting firm, providing corporations, government agencies and organizations with services that mutually benefit employees and employers.

Rapid Growth

Over the past year, Osh.Net has grown to become one of the leading web sites for occupational health and safety professionals—as demonstrated by its growth in users. The site now has more than 5,000 members who subscribe to its monthly newsletter. In addition, Osh.Net receives over 25,000 unique visitor sessions and 40,000 page views per month! A survey conducted on the site also showed that about 50% of Osh.Net respondents visited the site at least 2-3 times a month.

What does this mean to you, a supplier of quality EHS products and services? This means that you could have access to a very targeted audience.

Attractive Features

Managed by a team of health and safety experts, including occupational health board-certified physicians, certified industrial hygienists, certified safety professionals and registered nurses, Osh.Net has continued to increase its user base, adding new features and fresh content, such as:

  • OSH Basics: A monthly article providing basic information to novices in health and safety
  • A bulletin board for questions, which are responded to within 48 hours by an expert
  • A free monthly e-newsletter featuring the latest industry links, announcements and news

Professional Users

Osh.Net has an on-line survey to gather demographic user information. The latest data shows:

  • Approximately a third of Osh.Net survey respondents are employed in the safety field as loss control, compliance and safety managers, coordinators, directors and supervisors
  • About 72% of survey respondents are responsible for overseeing health/safety programs
  • Over 25% of survey respondents work for companies with 100-999 employees
  • Approximately one third work in manufacturing sector, followed by construction companies


Sponsorship Is...  
Ad Samples
  • Place your ads on category or sub-category pages that reach your target audience.

  • Choose from more than 10 EHS categories ranging from Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, to Safety and Emergency Management.

  • We can customize a multi-media advertising campaign--newsletter, banner ads and article sponsorship.

120 x 240 Pixels

Verticle Banner

  • Premium Home Page
  • Category Page
Affordable with Flexable Rates  
  • Select a CPM rate, paying for a designated number of page views, Or pay on a flat rate monthly basis-- easy and convenient.
125 x 125 Pixels


  • Premium Home Page
  • Category Page
  • Compare our ad rates to other EHS Health and Safety Sites. Our rates are in accordance with fair pricing standards of trade portals.
  • No annual contracts--we will develope a time-specific campaign to meet your unique marketing campaign.
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Full Banner

  • Bottom of Home Page
  • Bottom Category Page



Advertisement Rate Sheet

Home Page

Featured promotion on Home Page purchased through CPMs or monthly rate.

Includes Newsletter Ad





(Minimum 3 months)


(Minimum 5,000)

Premium Vertical Banner

120 x 240 Pixels

Upper right-hand side of home page



Premium Button

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Fixed Banner

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Bottom of home page



Category Page

Client may choose the category page they want.

Premium Vertical Banner

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Upper right-hand side of category page



Premium Button

125 x 125 Pixels

Upper right-hand side of category page underneath Premium Vertical Banner



Full Banner

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Bottom of category page



Additional Advertising Options

Customized Programs - Osh.Net can customize a program to meet your advertising goals. At only $50.00 per CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions), your banner or button can be displayed on multiple pages in the most premium spots available. This option helps you to reach your impression goals in the shortest amount of time. You simply indicate how many thousand people (10,000 minimum) you would like to reach a month and we will handle the rest!

Newsletter Ads – 1 monthly issue: $500.00--Advertise your product or service in Osh.Net’s newsletter. Your narrative ad of up to 100 words will include links to your website and/or email. Circulation is over 5,000 opt-in subscribers.

Employment Ads – 1 month term: $100.00 (up to 50 words) These narrative ads, located in our job section, are placed by companies, employment agencies, or headhunters looking for employees to work in specific safety or health related jobs. This includes a link to your URL and/or email address if desired.


Contact Marci Trujillo at 800-455-6155 Ext. 130 E-mail Advertising@Osh.net
333 S. Anita Dr., Suite 630
Orange, CA 92868


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