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September 19, 2001

The Many Links and Resources at Osh.Net

By Maureen Alvarez, CIH, CSP

We at Osh.Net believe that we have something that you as Environmental, Health and Safety professionals cannot be without - our thousands of EHS links!  Did you know that the Osh.Net site is loaded with great EHS resources?  We have thousands of links to EHS sites and we are adding more every month.  This article will highlight some of those links and resources that you can use to help make your work or research a little easier. 

If this is your first visit to Osh.Net or your hundredth visit, you may not have discovered our valuable links section.  This is a section of the site that you just can not afford to miss! 

From the Osh.Net home page at http://www.osh.net/, you will find the "Health and Safety Index".  Within that index are the many, many EHS links.  The links have been organized under specific pages.  The list of pages includes:


Industrial Hygiene

Emergency Management

Environmental Management

Occupational Health



Government Agencies & Regulations

Products & Services

Internet EHS Sites

OSH List Services & Newsgroups


Professional Development

Safety Humor Sites

Within each page listed above, you will find EHS links that are specific to that subject page.  Let's take a look at the Safety page by clicking on the link above.  Once you are into the Safety page you will see many different safety topics such as: Accident/Injury Statistics, Construction, Electrical, Lockout-Tagout, Personal Protective Equipment PPE, Machine Guarding, etc.  Within each of these topics are more links to resources specific to that topic. 

The first topic under the Safety page is Accident / Injury Statistics.  Within that topic you will find links related to Accident Investigations, Crane Accidents, the CDC Injury Prevention Center, a list of the most dangerous jobs, chemical accident information, injury fact sheets, etc.  If you are looking for information regarding the safety profession, you must check out these links.

If your subject area is Industrial Hygiene then you need to check out the Industrial Hygiene page.  Under this topic you will find information regarding Toxicology, Material Safety Data Sheet links, Asbestos, Bloodborne Pathogens, Ergonomics, etc.  This page is one of our more popular pages with some of our busiest links. 

The Emergency Management page includes information and links related to Fire Prevention and Disaster Preparedness.  Within these pages you will find resources related to Workplace Violence, Emergency Management Plans, Earthquake Safety, Fire Safety, etc.  Considering the most recent events within our country, these links may be helpful to you when reviewing the Emergency Preparedness state of your workplace or facility.

The Occupational Health page is a very informative page with many links and resources for the EHS and medical professionals.  Here you will find links to medical, nursing, travel medicine, medical surveillance, workers compensation, etc.  Within the Medical links you will find information related to Workplace Drug Testing, cancer information, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), food and nutrition and latex glove allergies, etc.

The Legal page contains many links to legal resources such as Disability Law, Employment Law, Environmental Law, Torts and Personal Injury Law, etc.  This page is definitely worth checking out if you want to review the legality of an issue or if you need copies of laws and statutes.  There are also links to attorneys and court cases.

The Government Agencies & Regulations page contains links to federal, state and local regulations and government web pages.  Here you will find information on federal military safety programs, training information, etc.  You will also get links to the Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Energy, etc.  Please check out these pages, there are many valuable links that I am sure you will want to bookmark.

The Products & Services page contains many consumer links to EHS products, consultants and other services.  Here you will find links to books, magazines, journals and newsletters all related to the EHS profession.  This page also contains information regarding software programs, college education courses and training programs.  A Supplies and Equipment page linking you directly to vendors is available too.

The Internet EHS Sites page contains links to other internet health and safety sites such as Duke University Occupational Medicine site.  The OSH List Services & Newsgroups page will link you to many different newsgroups and list serve sites within the EHS arena. 

The Organizations page will link you to the EHS professional organizations web sites such as American Board of Industrial Hygienists (ABIH), the ASSE for Safety Engineers, the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AOHN), and many more.  These are great sites to bookmark so that you can keep up to date on certification procedures, regulatory updates, etc.

The Professional Development page contains links to resume building, preparing for interviews, job searching techniques, etc.  The final page within the Health and Safety Index is the Safety Humor Sites page.  This page contains some humerous EHS sites which should brighten your day!

Please take the time to review these many pages and links within Osh.Net.  I know you will agree that we have many valuable and useful resources for every EHS professional.  Please let us know if you have a great link that is not on the Osh.Net site.  We are constantly reviewing new links and updating the site with them.  As always, we encourage your suggestions to improve Osh.Net and we value your input and contributions to the site.

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See you next month, editor@osh.net

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