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Top 20 OSHA Cited Violations

Rank Subject Total Violations Initial Penalty
1 Written Hazard Communication Program 5,826 $3,170,303
2 OSHA 200 Log 3,941 1,258,327
3 Hazard Communication-Employee Information 3,834 2,427,512
4 Hazard Communication-Labeling 3,367 1,194,210
5 Posting of OSHA Notice 2,895 656,205
6 Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records 2,166 136,205
7 Lockout/Tagout Energy Control Program 1,960 1,926,388
8 Lockout/Tagout Energy Control Procedures 1,476 2,953,552
9 Machine Guarding-Types of Guarding 1,886 2,969,327
10 Abrasive Wheel Machinery-Exposure Adjustment 1,735 878,290
11 Hazard Communication-MSDS'S 1,626 646,800
12 First Aid-Eye Wash for Corrosives 1,583 1,410,260
13 Lockout/Tagout-Training & Communication 1,485 8,780,450
14 Mechanical Power Transmission-Pulley Guarding 1,376 1,123,733
15 Wiring Methods-Flexible Cords & Cables 1,228 610,493
16 Machine Guarding-Point of Operation 1,187 1,973,635
17 Abrasive Wheel Machinery-Work Rests 1,156 715,655
18 Guarding Floor & Wall Openings & Holes 1,113 1,520,348
19 Electric-Guarding of Live Parts 1,056 1,093,602
20 Electric-Wiring 1,020 627,905

The following list of standards has been compiled to help employers and employees comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This list is based upon Part 1910 of the Federal OSHA Standards for general industry. This list, however, is only a guide to be used in conjunction with the entire OSHA Code of Federal Regulations Part 1910. Compliance with this list does not necessarily assure full compliance with all OSHA standards. 

Standard Subject General Requirements 

  • 19 10.1200(e)(1) Hazard Communication Provide written program covering required information 

  • 1910.1200(e)(1)(i) Hazard Communication List of hazardous chemicals 

  • 1910.1200(f)(5) Hazard Communication Labeling 

  • 1910.1200(g)(1) Hazard Communication Material Safety Data Sheets 

  • 1910.1200(h) Hazard Communication Provide employee training and information 

  • 1910.215(b)(9) Abrasive Wheel Machines Safety guard (tongue guard) installed and (Bench grinders) adjusted properly 

  • 1910.305(b)(2) Electrical equipment Provide covers for pull boxes, junction boxes, and fittings 

  • 1910.151(b) First aid First aid responder and first aid kit 

  • 1910.212(a)(1) Machine guarding Protection from moving parts 

  • 1910.305(b)(1) Electrical equipment Conductors entering boxes, cabinets protected and openings closed 

  • 1910.304(f)(5)(v)(c)(5) Electrical grounding Cord and plug equipment on a conductive surface (fans, wet/dry vacuum) are to be grounded 

  • 1910.219(e)(3)(i) Power transmission belts Guarding of vertical and inclined belt drives 

  • 1910.305(g)(2)(iii) Electrical equipment Extension cords used as fixed wiring, run through holes in the wall, or attached to building surfaces 

  • 1910.215(a)(4) Abrasive wheel machines Safety guard (work rest) installed and adjusted properly 

  • 1910.242(b) Compressed air Personal protective equipment used and pressure reduced to below 30 psi when cleaning 

  • 1910.1030(c)(1)(i) Bloodborne pathogens Written exposure control plan, PPE, cleanup/decontamination, post exposure evaluation and follow-up, training, recordkeeping and labeling 

  • 1910.334(a)(2)(ii) Cord and plug electrical Defective or damaged equipment removed equipment (extension sets) from service 

  • 1910.304(a)(2) Electrical wiring design Reversed polarity (neutral and hot wires switched) 

  • 1910.334(a)(3)(ii) Electrical equipment Extension cord sets grounded 

  • 1910.151(c) Eyewash and shower Plumbed facilities for quick drenching or flushing of eyes and body exposed to corrosive materials 



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