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Drug And Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing

A Drug-Free Workplace Programs and workplace safety and health services provider.
Performs background checks, pre-employment physicals and psychological testing. Also provides multiple services "on-site" such as drug testing, physical exams, immunizations, blood draws, and D.O.T./OSHA required training.
About Alcoholism
A general site based on the risks and attributes to alcoholism.
ACLU: Workplace Rights- Drug Testing
Part of the Legislative Briefing Series, this article answers many common questions about drug testing in the workplace, and provides legal background.
Clinical Laboratory Management Association Website
"CLMA is an international organization with approximately 6,300 members who are responsible for laboratories and clinical services in hospitals and health-care networks, group practices, and independent settings. CLMA is dedicated to enhancing managerial and leadership skills; promoting efficient, productive, and high-quality operations; and advocating on behalf of quality patient care and the membership"
Consumer Laboratory Testing Information Page from the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS)
Questions and Answers regarding laboratory testing, and extensive and easy to understand information about a wide range of tests is provided.
Drugfree Workplace Advisor:
The Drug-Free Workplace Advisor provides information to businesses about how to establish and maintain an alcohol- and drug-free workplace, and helps employers determine if and how they must comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.
Drugfree Workplace Policy for Small Business from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Drug Testing: Keeping it Legal
"If you plan to use alcohol and drug testing as a part of a workplace substance abuse policy, there are many legal issues that must first be addressed."
Drug Testing Poses Challenges for Human Resources
This article covers the situation that "when an employee tests positive for drugs or alcohol, or when an employee refuses to submit to testing, the employer is faced with difficult decisions regarding the appropriate consequences."
Establishing a Workplace Policy
"Establishing a workplace substance abuse program can drastically reduce the cost to business and industry from decreased productivity and increased health claims."
Heroin Abuse and Addition: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Compilation of scientific information on heroin in the form of questions and answers.
Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace
"The Institute is dedicated to educating employers, employees, state and federal legislators, and the public at large about: (1) the dangers of substance abuse, especially the abuse of illicit drugs; (2) the impact of such abuse on the workplace; (3) the most appropriate, effective, and legally accepted means for employers to address their substance abuse in the workplace problems; (4) the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees; (5) the status of legislative, regulatory, and legal developments at both the state and federal levels; and (6) the very legitimate and necessary - role of employers in our national effort to combat drug abuse."
International Journal of Drug Testing
"The Journal has several areas of emphasis. One is the promulgation of research devoted to new and emerging approaches to drug testing, such as hair, saliva, and sweat analysis. The Journal will emphasize new technologies. While papers and work devoted to more mature technologies (e.g., urine testing, or blood and plasma analysis) will be considered, the Journal is particularly interested in highlighting innovative, experimental, and unconventional analytic matrices."
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine: Is 'routine' laboratory testing a thing of the past?
Recommendations regarding screening from the March, 199 issue.
Lab Tests Online
"This site has been designed as a single resource where people can find up-to-date lab testing information vital to the understanding and management of their health, or the health of someone close to them. Our focus is very specific to clinical lab tests and the topics that relate to them."
State Laws on Substance Abuse in the Workplace from the Working Partners Substance Abuse Information Database (SAID)
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: Fact Sheet- Analysis of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Expenditures in 1997
Statistics on the high cost of substance abuse in the U.S.
Substance Abuse in the Workplace
"Alcohol and drug abuse by employees cause many expensive problems for business and industry ranging from lost productivity, injuries, and an increase the health insurance claims."
The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information: A Kit for Employers on Making your Workplace Drug Free
"This kit offers guidance, specific strategies, and easy-to-follow steps for creating a drug-free workplace program or for enhancing an existing one. It was designed for owners and managers in businesses of all sizes, but especially smaller businesses. Often, these organizations do not have the resources to support employee health programs. The kit suggests low-cost approaches for a health program geared to alcohol and other drug abuse."
Working Partners: Employer's Guide to Dealing With Substance Abuse
Excellent information on establishing a workplace substance abuse program.
Working Partners: Reassembling Human Assets through Substance Abuse Awareness
Statistics on the incidence of employee substance in the workplace, with links to sample case studies of "sample case studies of manufacturing companies that have effectively addressed workplace substance abuse."
Workplace Hotline from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
The Workplace Helpline is toll-free telephone consulting service which provides free technical assistance and guidance in developing and evaluating programs and policies designed to address alcohol and drug problems at work. "The Workplace Helpline is designed to be used by decision makers in business, union organizations and community-based anti-drug groups. Examples include labor unions and organizations, managers and supervisors, corporate executive officers, local community groups, small and large business owners, and employee assistance professionals".
Workplace Resource Center: Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
"To help employers and employees combat the challenges, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) launched this new web site to increase access to information on creating drug free workplaces. The web site contains searchable resources and links on how to establish and maintain an effective, comprehensive drug-free workplace program, including drug testing guidelines that govern federally regulated employees, guidance for Medical Review Officers, related laws and regulations, the latest research findings and related information on Employee Assistance Programs."



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