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Products & Services - Books

101 Best Resumes
By by Michael Betrus, Jay A. Block. The top resume writers in the country have pooled their expertise to create 101 of the absolute best resumes available anywhere.
Air Contaminants and Industrial Hygiene Ventilation: A Handbook of Practical Calculations, Problems, and Solutions
By Roger L. Wabeke
American Bar Association Guide to Workplace Law: Everything You Need to Know About Your Rights As an Employee or Employer
By Barbara J. Fick, the American Bar Association
Artist’s Complete Health & Safety Guide
Asher's Bible of Executive Resumes and How to Write Them
By Donald Asher
Basic Guide to Accident Investigation and Loss Control
By Jeffrey Wayne Vincoli
Behavior-Based Safety Process: Managing Involvement for an Injury-Free Culture
2nd Edition, by Thomas R. Krause, et al.
Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions
Mathew J. DeLuca. A Five-Star bestseller. All job seekers face a barrage of questions--some easy, others tricky, each one designed to elicit key informaiton. Written by an expert who knows both sides of the personnel desk, this job interview bible is packed with useful tips on turning possible negative responses into positives. First-timers and seasoned job seekers alike will find no better crash course on winning the interview game.
Building a Better Safety and Health Committee
By John P. Spath, American Society of Safety Engineers.
Business Research in Information Technology
Business and Management Issues.
Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes
2ND Ed., by Claudia Miller
Chemical Protective Clothing Performance Index Book
By Krister Forsberg
Come Back Alive: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Disasters, Kidnapping, Animal Attacks and Other Nasty Perils of Modern Travel
By Robert Young Pelton
Complete Guide to OSHA Compliance
Designed to help safety professionals, industrial hygienists, and human resources personnel ensure compliance with existing and upcoming OSHA regulations. This essential book explains employer and employee rights and responsibilities, and it provides everything you need to know about employer standards and requirements for specific operations.
Conducting Accident Investigations
US Dept. of Energy Workbook. Rev. Nov. 27, 1997. An important resource guide for teams investigating serious accidents.
Construction Foreman's Safety Handbook
By George S. Kennedy. A comprehensive handbook to construction site safety for the foreman. Mr. Kennedy is owner of Kennedy Safety Services Inc.
Construction Safety Manual
By Dave Heberle. Paperback - 400 pages (September 1998) McGraw-Hill.
Creating the Ergonomically Sound Workplace
By Lee Ostrom. The basic outline and step-by-step approach of this book will show those without experience or training how to diagnose and correct ergonomic problems such as high absenteeism, carpal tunnel syndrome, back strain, and stress-related medical problems in order to prevent injuries and improve performance.
Dangerous Waters: Strategies for Improving Wellbeing at Work
(Wiley Series in Work, Well-Being, and Stress) by Steve Williams and Lesley Cooper
Dilbert Zone
Management Humor
Disaster Recovery Journal
(St. Louis MO). Online articles from their magazine require a subscription and password, but the Special Reports Section covering several disasters is free.
Ergaerobics: Why Does Working @ My Computer Hurt So Much?
A comprehensive guide to help computer users prevent and treat Computer Induced Repetitive Stress Injuries (CIRSIs) such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, neck pain, headaches, TMJ, etc.
Ergonomic Casebook: Real World Solutions
This book tells it all -- how ergonomics was implemented in several different industries.
Ergonomics: HowTo Design For Ease And Efficiency
Ergonomics Edge: Improving Safety, Quality, and Productivity
Workplace ergonomics can be an advantage, not burden, to really help improve your company's safety, quality, productivity, workers' comp, turnover, absenteeism, and sales. Use this book to help you convince management of the value of ergonomic programs.
Federal Consumer Information Center
Pueblo, CO. The site provides access to the full text of hundreds of US government consumer publications, including occupationally related material.
Fire Protection Handbook
Guide to the Work-Relatedness of Disease
(A NIOSH publication)
Guidelines for Robotic Safety
Pub 8-1.3. A good reference publication from OSHA.
Handbook for Small Businesses
OSHA 2209. 7.83 mb PDF file. This document is large and may take a long time to load into your Adobe software.
Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics
This is the second edition of a book that is considered THE reference for the rapidly expanding fields of human factors and ergonomics. Over 100 contributors representing the top specialists in the world have written chapters on their areas of expertise. This edition has been thoroughly updated to include the most recent research and applications. It also includes state-of-the-art coverage of all aspects of the field such as equipment, workplace, and job design; design for health and safety.
Handbook of Occupational Safety and Health
By Louis J. Diberardinis, 1120 pages.
Handbook of OSHA Construction Safety and Health
By James V. Eidson, Charles Dennis Reese, Jim E Lapping (May 1999)
Healthy Home Handbook: All You Need to Know to Rid Your Home of Pollutants and Safety Hazards
By John Warde. Well, nobody really wants to hear this, but our homes are filled with potential hazards that can harm us, make us ill, or even kill us. That's the bad news. The good news is that a thorough approach and proper information can help any of us eliminate nearly all the potential problems. This book has everything you need to make sure that your own "Home Sweet Home" is not an accident waiting to happen.
Industrial Respiratory Protection
Injury and Litigation Prevention: Theory and Practice
By Stanley H. Freeman
International Occupational Safety and Health Resource Catalogue
Introduction to Labor Law
(Ilr Bulletin, 66), by Michael Evan Gold. Revised version of classic explanation of the protection to which workers are entitled under the National Labor Relations Act.
Laser and Eye Safety in the Laboratory
By Larryl Matthews, Gabe Garcia (Editor). Paperback (January 1995). IEEE. This book presents a refreshing, straightforward approach to laser safety. The authors have written the material in such a way, that a person with little or no laser experience can establish a safe working laser environment.
Living Your Passion
Moneyhaven Small Business Handbook: Occupational
Safety and Health
Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1,000 a Minute
By Jack Chapman
NIOSH Guide to Industrial Respiratory Protection
No! No! No! : A Woman's Guide to Personal Defense and Street Safety
By Kathy Long, et al. World champion kickboxer Kathy Long shows women how to defend themselves in almost any situation. The first book on this subject by a woman who fights for a living, No! No! No! helps women become aware of potentially dangerous situations and equips them with skills to fight back. 100 photos.
Noise Exposures in Construction and Noise Exposure Standards
By Rick Neitzel, at University of Washington Department of Environmental Health.
North American Emergency Response Guidebook
(1996). THE standard guidebook for managing and responding to hazardous/dangerous materials emergencies in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico -- Now at a super-discount price.
Occupational Biomechanics
Explores the biomechanical principles both in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in industry and working conditions and worker performance in general. This Second Edition reflects the tremendous amount of rapidly emerging knowledge that has taken place.
Occupational Diseases: A Guide to Their Recognition
(a NIOSH publication)
Occupational Ergonomics Handbook
This Handbook will provide comprehensive and state-of-the art knowledge of industrial ergonomics and safety to a worldwide market. There are 111 chapters and approximately 125 contributors...the who's who internationally in Ergonomics.
Occupational Exposure Sampling Strategy Manual
Occupational Safety and Health: for Technologists, Engineers, and Managers
By David L. Goetsch
OSHA'S Electrical Safety & Lockout Tagout Standards: Proven Written Programs For Compliance (with/disk)
By Mark M. Moran. Provides programs for compliance and covers exactly what types of work are governed by the standard, as well as compliance procedures and training.
OSHA Handbook for Small Businesses
Help small business establish safety programs. Publication is available in Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF). You need Acrobat Reader software installed in your computer.
OSHA In the Real World: How To Maintain Workplace Safety While Keeping Your Competitive Edge
By John Hartnett
OSHA Inspections: Preparation and Response
A super book that can help you prepare, written by a former OSHA inspector.
OVEREXPOSURE: Health Hazards in Photography/Everything You Need to Know About Photograhic Materials and Processes to Make Your Workplace Safety and C
By Susan D. Shaw, Monona Rossol
Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success
Bestseller by Nicholas Lore
Physical and Biological Hazards of the Workplace
By Peter H., M.D. Wald, Gregg Stave (Contributor). This major reference on the health risks posed by physical and biological hazards in the workplace provides clear, detailed coverage of the many components of each hazard. such as extremes of temperature and pressure, noise, electricity, IR and UV, lasers, magnetic fields, microwave, RF, and ionizing radiation. Biological agents are covered in equal depth, plus viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, envenomations, and more
Practical Guide to Effective Hearing Conservation Programs in the Workplace
The Psychology of Safety: How to Improve Behaviors and Attitudes on the Job
By E. Scott Geller
Safety & Health on the Internet
2nd Edition, by Ralph B. Stuart III, CIH, Manager of Internet SAFETY List, and Chemical Safety Coordinator at the University of Vermont and Christopher Moore, MLS, Technical Analyst, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. Softcover, Index, 328 pages, 1998. Includes over 1000 safety and health Internet resources! Extensively expanded, the 2nd Edition is both a comprehensive user's guide to the Internet and a "Yellow Pages" showing where safety and health information can be found on the World Wide Web.
Safety Incentives: The Pros and Cons of Award and Recognition Programs
By Wayne G. Pardy, May 1999
Safety Made Easy: A Checklist Approach to OSHA Compliance
By John Grubbs and Sean Nelson (1999)
Safety Tips for Your Next Camping Trip:
How to make your trip safe and fun.
Save $50,000 on Your New Home: Yes! You Can Be Your Own General Contractor
By William J. Molloy. This book allows homebuyers to design, finance and help create their dream home. Save 20% off retail by ordering through this link.
Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry Vol. B8: Environmental Protection and Industrial Safety II
770 pages.
The Union Steward's Complete Guide
By David Prosten
Workers' Compensation Handbook: A Guide to Job-Related Health Problems
By Robert D. Power, Frederick Y. Fung
Your Rights at the Work Place: The Things Your Boss Won't Tell You
By Leo James Terrell
Your Rights in the Workplace
4th Edition by Barbara Kate Repa, Marcia Stewart



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