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Products & Services - Software

Centre for Software Reliability
(CSR) is a research centre at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) which conducts research on how to achieve improved levels of dependability from computing systems.
Chemical Reactivity Worksheet
is a free program you can use to find out about the reactivity of substances or mixtures of substances. It includes a database of reactivity information for over 4,000 common hazardous chemicals. The database includes information about the special hazards of each chemical and about whether a chemical reacts with air, water, or other materials. A way for you to virtually "mix" chemicals.
DLSF Systems Inc.
In 1986, DLSF Systems began specializing in system safety and specifically in software system safety. DLSF Systems is now a recognized leader in these areas and is the only Canadian consultancy of its kind. It has applied its expertise in the safety-critical sectors of transportation, aerospace, defense, nuclear power generation, and medical devices.
Decision/Risk Analysis
Lumina develops and disseminates innovative technologies such as Analytical software. Analytical is a quantitative decision-support environment that helps people visualize problems with clarity and power.
Environmental Health and Safety Freeware
A free virtual library where today you will find on-line databases of information, downloadable software, and lots of other interesting resources related to the environment, health & safety.
EQECAT Catastrophe Management
State-of-the-art catastrophe risk management, information, software, and consulting services.
ErgoEASER Software Available to Analyze and Solve Ergonomic Hazards
Ergonomics Education, Awareness, System Evaluation and Recording, ErgoEASER, is a new FREE online software package that has been developed to aid in identifying, evaluating, and preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Evaluating video-display terminal (VDT) workstations and lifting task design, ErgoEASER offers suggestions on how to address ergonomic hazards and reduce worker disabilities. The Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and other agencies combined efforts to develop this innovative software.
Fault Tolerance
Reliable Software Technologies.
Formal Methods and Their Role in Developing Safe Systems
The Institution of Electrical Engineers, Workshop Report.
IGNITE (Interactive Fire Model)
Integration of Safety Analysis Techniques for Process Control
Centre for Software Reliability.
Langley Technical Reports on Software Safety
NASA Langley Formal Methods Program
OSHA Expert Advisors Safety Programs and Computer Based Training
Free downloadable computer programs, including Asbestos, Confined Spaces, Fire Safety, Cadmium, Hazard Awareness, Lead, Lockout/Tagout, Respiratory Protection, SafeCare (Healthcare Facilities), Safety &Health (a program evaluation assistant), Safety Pays (calculates financial costs of injuries and illnesses), USDOL "elaws" (employment laws).
Phoenix Software Disaster Recovery Planning
Binomial Software. (Ontario, Canada) To receive a monthly newsletter on disaster recovery planning, send e-mail to majordomo@magmacom.com with the message : subscribe disaster-recovery. Back issues are online.
Safeware: System Safety and Computers
By Nancy Levenson. This book examines past accidents and what is currently known about building safe electromechanical systems to see what lessons can be applied to new computer-controlled systems.
The Software Quality Institute
The University of Texas at Austin, College of Engineering. Mission is to inform and educate software producers and users about issues vital to the production and application of high quality software.
Software Safety
Reliable Software Technologies.
Software Testability
Reliable Software Technologies.
Virtual Library: Safety-Critical Systems
The IEE plays a leading role in the UK on questions of safety critical systems and has produced a number of reports and other documents.



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