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Occupational safety and health is an extremely complex discipline, requiring due diligence and high priority. It embraces many requirements, which in turn require implementation of a suitable structure and creation of appropriate support publications.

The safety manual is of course central to this, but it is important that this portfolio includes suitable procedures, policies, and where applicable codes of practice. This should also be backed up with appropriate forms and employee guides.

The most well known support resource in this area is The Essential Safety Manual and Kit, which is an established toolset designed to address the above issues.

It includes the following items:
Safety Procedures
Risk Assessment Instructions
Safety and Health Policies
Hazard Tables
A Range of Support Forms
Codes of Practice
Employee Guides

These are supplied in MS-Word format, to enable editing of the contents to suit individual needs. Is it for you though? Fortunately, the authors have created to specific website dedicated to the product, to enable viewing of sample pages and the tables of contents, to help you decide.

This can be found here: The Occupational Safety Manual and Kit

Safety Manual and Kit

The Essential Safety Manual and Kit contains a range of basic resources to to support occupational safety.

This includes policies, forms, procedures, guides, risk assessment intructions, hazard tables and codes of practice.

It is documented on it own site:

The Essential Safety Manual



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